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How do I place a order and checkout and is my information safe ?
To place a order you can add the item s you like. Then select checkout.
This will bring you to our secure checkout where you confirm your personal information then your your order, enter your ebay id and pick your shipping preference.
You will then be taken to the paypal checkout page just like ebay.

Please rest assured that all information gathered on this site is 100% safe. I use ashop and PayPal for checkouts. We use a SSL and encrypted technology to protect all your information. 

What is a box break?
 A box break is an event where a non-biased person will open a box / case / pack of collectible cards for other groups of people.This is a  cheaper way to get the pulls and hits that you are looking for.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on a box or case when you are looking for that one hit, one player, or one team. Not only that but box breaks are alot of fun to.

Break Rules
No base are sent out on any of the group breaks.
All hits,numbered cards,rookies and inserts from your assigned team are sent out.

In a event a card with 2 players on it is pulled. 
The player on the top/top left will get the card.

In the event that a card has more then 2 players on it the card will go to the majority owner.
Meaning that if someone owns 2 players on the card and everyone else owns 1 then it will go to the owner with the most teams on the card.

If there is no majority owner then the card will go to the owner with the most teams in the break. 

If the card is a high end hit ($250 or more) and more then 2 owners then we will do a random between all the owners to determine the winner.

In the event a card is pulled with no team then the card will go to whoever owns the most teams in the break. 

If there is no one who owns the most teams outright then the card will be randomized between everyone in the break on

Honest and fair breaks everytime
There are alot of bad breakers out there. That's why we do everything we can to provide you with honest and fair breaks everytime. Check out our past breaks on youtube to see!

1.All our boxes are factory sealed and come only from trusted sources.

2.We do not buy boxes from shady dealers on ebay

3.We do all breaks live!
We also show the full team and name list beforehand . The cards will never leave the site of the camera before you see them first .You will also never see us with a high dollar spot in a break (2011 Panthers etc.)

Safe handling  
You will see many breakers not handling the cards correctly . Banging them on the table etc.

 Some cards may not come out of the pack in perfect bgs 10 condition but we do our best to carefully open each pack and set the cards down safely and flat on a clean surface.
In many cases you will see us loading the cards in between packs especially the best hits.

No common base go out for our Group breaks. All Hits , inserts, parrallals and rookies go out.
Some breaks have a base add on option so use this if you want all base for your teams.

Random Breaks: One spot equals one random team in a break. To determine your team we put all 32 names in and randomize 5 times.
We then copy and paste the names in a spreadsheet with the teams in alphabetical order.

Pick a Team Breaks: You pick your team in the break.

Packs:You pick your pack number and all inserts , rookies,hits etc go out unless you choose base at checkout.Then you will receive all the cards from the pack
Follow the hit list to see the hits left in each box.