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Consignment is here !!!! Updated 5-16 with new fee structure.
Sale Price after Fees Payout Rate
$0.99-$9.99 $3 flat

$10-$999 80%
$1000-$4999.99 90%



  1. Message us using the message box on our home page, on ebay or live in chat when you pull something nice you want to list!!!
  2. We only accept raw and graded cards for consignment
  3. Items will be listed within 1 day Mon-Fri. All items will start at .99 and run 5 days. If you want 1 or 3 day auctions add $1 to fee.
    1. Big orders (20+ cards) may take longer depending on work load. (Email us for exact time frames)
  4. Payouts will be determined based on our rate table above.
  5. Payouts are based on INDIVIDUAL card sales prices and are applied to each individual item not the total sales.
  6. Paypal, Cash app, Venmo payouts or Site Credit are made within 2 business days after the request is made and are based on available balance. (Site credit receives a extra 2% in payout!)
  7. Check payouts will be mailed within 5 business days after the request is made and are based on the available balance – please note these are subject to a $10 fee as we send them priority with tracking.
  8. If you are mailing us your items please include list or item count note with shipment. (All shipments will be recorded when opened to verify contents)
  9. If there are multiple of the same card we reserve the right to lot these items versus sell individually.
  10. If we determine most cards in an order will not receive bids, we reserve the right to return the order. We will contact you before returning. Please note most cards should sell over $10 and average $50 to take advantage of our services.
  11. Unsold Items: Every item will be listed at auction starting at $0.99 any item that goes without a bid will be subject to a $2 unsold item fee and the item will be shipped back with break items or kept till you have something to mail from our breaks.
  12. Cheap cards (Inserts, rookies etc) We will take in cheap cards for lots. An extra $2 is charged per lot. Owner must let us know what to lot if sending in.
  13. We will list fixed price for customers if the item sells consistently over $100 – we will do up to 10 cards – and an auto decline/ auto accept number is required.
  14. Cards from Breaks. All cards you pull in our breaks are eligible for listing the second it is pulled. You can have us cosign all of your cards pulled every week (minus base). Let us know if you want this feature. If you do use this feature all base will be given away in our shop. You can request to ship certain cards and sell everything else. Your choice!!! Great way to move out unwanted cheap cards and more!!!


  1. Raw cards are in at least nm/mt condition. All graded cards are accepted.
  2. Cards are not altered in any way, shape or form.
  3. If there are any returned cards will be auctioned again and you may owe us the difference in value.
  4. (Zero Strike Policy) Under no circumstances are you permitted to bid on your own auctions. If you are caught doing this we will no longer accept cards from you.
  5. If a card goes unpaid it will be relisted 2-3 weeks after the initial sale ended.
Mail all items to
Wake Forest Sports Cards
1241 S. Main Street Ste 7
Wake Forest NC 27587