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National Giveaway!!!!
Active from 7/25 to 8/5
Every spot purchased in any Boom Mixer and Any Break with the (National Giveaway) in the title count

All spots will be put into a random for site credit!!!

PYT Auctions have a 1k giveaway as well so bids early !!!
The top three members who have the most spots will receive a pack of Autographed VIP Photos we receive from the Panini Party!!!
May not include everyone at the party. Panini has not released what each vip ticket will have but this will be fire!
(Panini did not do Photos this year. They gave us double sided autographed cards. Will randomize for these with the top 3!)

1st place
$1000 Site Credit

2nd place
$500 Site Credit

3rd Place
$300 Site Credit

$100 Site Credit

$100 Site Credit