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Current National Bonus !!!!
Active 8-1/8-4
Silver Pack bonus for each case
Opulence -2 Packs per spot
Encased-1 Pack per spot
Certified-1 Pack per spot
Elements-1 Pack per spot

10 Box Mixer BONUS!!!!
All regular 10 Box mixers that sell out during the Nationals
will receive 1 Bonus $50 site cred !!!
Deadline is Aug 4th. All Mixers will break when we return on Aug 5th!

The National Giveaway 2019 !
Giveaway starts 7-22 and runs to 8-9
Lookout for additional giveaways

To qualify simply join a Case Break or Mixer.
Only the breaks under the Case Break tab qualify.
Each Case or Mixer we will randomize the list and 1 spot will go into the National Giveaway!

We are not leaving out the Pick a Packs this year !!
Each day of Pick a Pick we will grab 2 entries!! Beginning of the night packs only!

1st place
$3000 Site Credit

2nd place
$1500 Site Credit

3rd Place
$1000 Site Credit

$500 Site Credit

(50) Silver Packs

VIP Panini Black Box

7th Place
(25) Silver Packs

8th Place
(25) Silver Packs

9th Place
Full Pack of VIP Autographed Photos

10th Place
Full Pack of VIP Autographed Photos

BONUS!!! Tuesday and Wednesday Only !!
Every Spot you grab in the Case Breaks will get you one FREE 2019 Silver Pack!
Mixers not included!